Berlia Compu Sysytem
Berlia Compu Sysytem
28 C. R. Avenue,
Kolkata: 700 012
Ph: +91 33 40113888
Fax: +91 33 22120496
About us
“If you need fast, immediate computer, computer support or help, you are at the right place.”

We offers to fulfill latest and all type of IT requirement of the customers for computer parts and accessories, printers, laptops, digital cameras, networking products and many more from almost all the leading IT brands under one roof.

We believe in decentralization and delegation of Authority and Accountability. In tune with this belief, our team of dedicated personnel looks after various activities of the Organization. Success of our group lies in our ability to understand the need of the market and satisfy those needs.

We believe that the consumer is a statistical abstraction and the customer is a human being that unless we listen to him and find out what he wants, we just can’t fulfill his needs. We are not keen to sell unless we earn, not just money and fame but his trust as well. This is not our philosophy that's the way we are.

We assure all type of after sales support through our trained technical persons and give instant solution at our doorstep. There is a big area defined in the showroom specially and exclusively for this purpose as we know the importance of customer’s satisfaction.
Uluru Islands Gorge
Uluru Islands Gorge
Uluru Islands Gorge