Berlia Compu Sysytem
Berlia Compu Sysytem
28 C. R. Avenue,
Kolkata: 700 012
Ph: +91 33 40113888
Fax: +91 33 22120496
Berlia compu sysytem apart from having Berlia compu sysytem, it also has a well equipped service center at 28, C.R. Avenue, Kolkata - 700 012.

The testing center is manned by our hardware engineers, who are technicians par excellence. The components are tested here and handed over to the customers. Besides, faulty parts are checked and handed over to the adjoining replacement section for further action. Materials for replacement are received here and sent to the respective principals.

Support & WarrantyEfficient after sales support has always been our “Concern on Top Priority”. For the benefit of our customers, a separate “Replacement Center” has been set up along with the testing counter. Certain guidelines have been laid down to ensure a smooth procedure for replacement / repairing.

Materials for replacement are accepted between 2 to 5 p.m. on all days except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Such materials are checked by the engineers in the adjacent testing area for confirmation of the defect. Proper receipt of all the defective materials received are provided to the customers. Thereafter, these materials are sent to the respective Principal Companies. Normally, it takes around 21 days to get solution from principle companies. Customers are always advised to confirm the availability of the replaced / repaired material over telephone before coming personally for collection of the material. Customer can always get the after sales support directly from vendor company by approaching them in local losi4ion along with the products and our sale bill having the serial nos. of the products during the warrant period

Warranty will be void in the following conditions for all the products:
  • The warranty period is over.
  • Burnt Case
  • The serial no. / bar code is tampered with.
  • Physical damage is seen on the product (like broken corners, visible cracks, connector pins damaged etc.)
  • Warranty seal, screws, rubber support, is tampered with.
  • Remarking / modifying of the original product brand
* Customer to carry the product to Berlia service / office / warehouse. Berlia Compu System. decision would be final and binding to the customer .
Warranty Policy Guidelines:
Warranty will be also void for the different products in the following conditions:
Replacement Procedure